Tropical Wave on Galion Beach

on Galion Beach in Saint Martin, FWI
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We stock 2003 "Ocean Kayaks" singles and doubles. The doubles hold two adults and one child in the middle. These kayaks are stable, safe, and easy to use for all levels of experience. Our Bay is perfect kayaking: paddle the flat water of the Bay or cruise through the mangroves. If you love Eco-Activities, this in the place to experience the best on St Martin.

Small kayaker You're never too young to start kayaking.

Single kayaks/hour…………€15.00
Double Kayaks/hour…………€25.00
(includes life jackets and paddles)

kayaks at start Starting from Chez Pat, a short paddle or walk down the beach brings you to a path that crosses over the barrier of sand and leads to another world. The mangrove roots stop any waves, forcing them to drop their sand and the leaves block the wind. Inside the Etang aux Poissons (Fish Pond), flat water and calm air prevail. kayak trip
egret Egrets, herons, and more line the shore and fill the trees because young fish hide in the twisting mangrove roots. You can easily explore the shore and the adventurous can exit the pond via the twisting channel at the far end returning to Chez Pat via open sea inside the reef.



This is the view from the road to the south of Etang des Poissons,
looking over the pond and the mangroves to Chez Pat's beach.